Sole Trader/Self Employed

At Ayoks Consulting, we have specialist accountants ready to help you with all your accountancy and taxation requirements as a sole trader.

Getting started out as a sole trader may seem simple enough, but there are still a lot of processes to follow to make sure you do everything properly. We can help you to get started as well as provide ongoing assistance for all of your requirements.

Why Be a Sole Trader?

There are many advantages to operating as a sole trader. As well as being simple to get started, you also have complete control over your business, so you can make decisions quickly.

You also keep all the profit from the business, and your accounts remain private. And if your business grows and you want to change to a limited company, this is also a simple process.

Challenges of Being a Sole Trader  

One of the main challenges for sole traders is that you are liable for your business debts. This means you could end up losing your personal assets like your car or home.

In addition, raising finance can be difficult, and some clients will only work with limited companies, so it could restrict your client base.

How We Can Help You  

We can assist you with all of your ongoing requirements as a sole trader. This includes getting you set up as a sole trader, completing your Self Assessment, helping with expenses and making sure you are not overpaying your taxes. We can also provide you with specialist advice and guidance for starting and growing your business.

Contact Ayoks Consulting today and we will be happy to assist you with all of your sole trader requirements. Speak to one of our experts and ensure you are getting the most out of your business.