Running a charity is very different from running a business, and your charity will have a range of unique requirements.

At Ayoks Consulting, we are here to help you with your accounting and tax requirements so you can run your charity as efficiently as possible. Focus on Funding Your main concern when running a charity will be ensuring you get enough funding. You need to get funding to help you run your charity effectively and achieve your mission, while also demonstrating transparency and accountability. We have a specialist team in place to help you with all of your requirements so you can focus on funding and let us take care of the other tasks to free up your time.  

Specialist Advice and Support Our expert team at Ayoks Consulting will help you with all of your tax and accounting requirements. This can involve assistance with VAT registration and returns, day-to-day bookkeeping, help with Gift Aid and more.

Our specialist consultancy can also help you with more complex areas like strategy, and our dedicated team of finance experts, tax consultants and compliance experts will together help you to achieve your goals and ensure you comply with all the regulations.

Finding a good accountant is hard, but finding one with a lot of experience in the not-for-profit sector is even harder. We understand that charity finances are different from businesses, and we are here to help you with every area of managing your charity so you can focus your time and effort on the tasks that you specialise in.  

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