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The development of cloud-based accounting software has been a revolutionary development for businesses and individuals. Companies like Xero, Sage and Intuit have entirely changed the dynamic between those in need of accounting services and those providing them, demystifying the process and making it simpler, faster and more efficient.

Cloud services are really quite simple: you could think of the cloud as simply someone else’s computer – by hosting the applications on a third-party server, both ourselves and the client have access to the necessary services to ensure that the right data gets entered and extracted and that any errors can quickly be rectified.

Using cloud accounting software allows clients to not only see the state of play with their finances but also gives them access to a suite of self-serve applications that can help them run their business better.

But for some, moving over to a cloud-based system requires a leap of faith. Most important services, such as payment authorisation, will require two-factor authorisation to ensure that both client and accountant are able to sign off on a process.

The cloud has made such a difference to our lives and businesses. It’s put real power allowing users to stay updated with the latest state of the business at any time that’s convenient for them, leaving them free to get on with the important things of growing their company. It also means we can securely and rapidly deliver our services to a broader range of clients from all over the world.

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